Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seats | The Advantages and Disadvantages that Matter

So, you’ve decided to buy a new toilet seat. There are tons of options out there. Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seats.

What’s your preference? You’ll need one for yourself and another if the other person has their own restroom too. So they can use it when visiting (or living) in your house- but which do I get first?

Wood toilet seats are a popular choice because they stay warmer and provide better comfort. However, these benefits come at the cost of cleanliness which makes them harder to maintain than their plastic counterparts. Enameled wood toilets offer all-around fantastic features. They’re easy on your skin (even during winter), while still providing great looks with that traditional charm.

But let’s take a look at both sides before making any decisions. Here we see pros and cons lists so readers know what each option offers.

Wood Vs Plastic Toilet Seats | Which is Better?

Earlier we get introduced, there are two separate types of wood toilet seats: Enameled and Veneered.

Enameled wood is a popular material for furniture. This type of paint creates the appearance of plastic and gives it an almost glass-like shine, which makes them perfect if you want your seat to last longer without fading or warping in color over time.

Wood veneer refers specifically to these types of pieces that are made outstrips cut from solid wood. Which allows them all their natural beauty through displaying its full-grain patterns when seen up close without any paint being applied at first glance.

In this section, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of plastic toilet seats over wood veneer. Next up in comparison is enameled wood for your consideration.

A. Stability: While you might think wooden seats are more durable than plastic ones, they actually have a few downsides. For starters, wood can warp and crack in high heat or humidity. In addition to this problem is the increased weight which means metal hinges need to be used for installation instead of alternatives. The plastic seat is not prone to cracking or warping but the hinges can break easier. If you live in an area with high coldness, consider a product that’s made from more durable materials such as metal instead of cheap.

B. Hygiene: Wood is a vulnerable material that can be difficult to clean. Its porous nature means it holds onto smells. But plastic surfaces make cleaning much easier with products like bleach or disinfectants.

Some parents want their little ones to be able to use the toilet without help, even if they are old enough. If this sounds like you and your children may need some extra guidance when using the potty, consider investing in one of these two types: Plastic or Wood enameled.

C. Suitability: It’s common knowledge that plastic seats don’t hold in any heat, so when the winter is cold and you sit on your toilet seat it can feel shocking. A wooden toilet seat is a better option and can make all of that frozen time outside more enjoyable.

If you live in a home that gets pretty cold during winter. Then you can consider buying and installing wood veneer seats. It will make sitting on them much more comfortable and warm.

D. Versatility: Do you have an awkward size or shape toilet? Plastic seats are the perfect choice for those who need toilets with wide ranges of styles and shapes. They also come in soft close models.

In the world of toilets, there are many different varieties to choose from. If you want a soft-closing seat that will avoid noisy bangs when it closes then plastic seats might just do the trick.

Wooden toilet seats are much heavier than plastic ones. That makes it more difficult to have the soft close option.

E. Styles: The quest to find a toilet seat that matches your personal style can be difficult. One of the most important things when choosing between plastic and wood toilet seat is what you’re going for in terms or design, coloration/patterns used on it. As well as size preferences such has height adjustment capabilities etc.

Wood toilet seats offer a warmer and superb feel. While also fitting in well with rustic decor. Plastic, on the other hand, can look sleek or modern depending on your preference for design aesthetic.

You can choose between the two options.

Enameled Wood Toilet Seat Vs. Plastic Toilet Seats |Best toilet seat

If you want a toilet seat that is durable, easy to clean, and maintain with no metal on your bottom then enameled wood might be the perfect option. I have personally found that enameled wood toilet seats are a great option for those looking to avoid plastic.

A. Durabilities: The enamel coating of the toilet seat (enamel wood) not only provides an extra layer of protection but also makes for easier clean-up with less staining. Because it won’t get stuck on your hands like wood  veneer can.

Wood enamel toilet seats are heavier than plastic, which means they have better hardware to keep the seat secure.

When you need a toilet seat that will last, enameled wood is the answer. It gets better because not only does it have great durability but also remains to look good for years to come with its high-quality finish.

B. Hygienes: Enameled wood is coated with an enameling process that gives it a smooth, seamless surface. This makes it just as easy to clean and maintain as plastic. Your toilet seat could become an unhealthy place if it’s not checked for cracks or wear. The wood core becomes exposed and can trap germs. Which leads to rot that will spread throughout the entire piece.

The enamel wood toilet seat won’t crack or break easily. So it will last a long time.

C. Comfortable & Styles: For a toilet seat that feels like luxury, enameled wood is the way to go. It’s not just about how it looks- its advantages are many. In colder weather, these seats will keep your bottom warm. While still being stylish and modern looking with their sleek finish.

Come to think of it, enameled wood toilet seats are really heavy so they feel more premium than lightweight plastic seats. They have a luxurious feel and can be more affordable than other types as well.

D. Weights: The first thing you should know about enameled wood toilet seats is that they have a lot more weight than plastic ones. This means the difference between them will be much easier to notice when shopping around, as well. A core made from hardwood provides extra stability and heftiness for those who prefer their seat not to move or slip on smoother surfaces but still want comfort during use.

The weight can be both good and bad(Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seats). It’s a wonderful addition to the seat because it gives it more durability. But the problem is rock bottom with such force could cause some structural damage as well.

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